How To Create Rules

Rules let you filter images on web page and create desirable set of pictures for slide show. It's technique to get original image by thumbnail which does not have direct link to original. (For example clicking on thubmnail will open another web page which contains original).

To create rules you should be well-informed about Regular Expressions.

You can open Options from Add-ons/Extensions page or by pressing Ctr+O in slide show or viewer mode. And click to Rules tab.

Add New Rule

Press Add button to create new rule.

Domain parameter is mandatory and must have domain name (like ""). Rules will be grouped by domain.

Page RegExp parameter is Regular Expression to determine web pages for this rule. You can leave it empty to apply rule for any page in specified Domain.

Elements To Find parameter determines which one HTML element to search on page. You should choose element which contain URL to original (big) image or element which URL can be useful to create destination URL.
    IMG(images) which src property matches to Element RegExp parameter.
    A(anchor) which href property matches to Element RegExp parameter.
    AREA which href property matches to Element RegExp parameter.

Element RegExp parameter is Regular Expression to filter desirable elements (see Elements To Find).

Destination URL Template parameter is destination URL template which will be used to get original (big) images. You should use Regular Expression grouping (parentheses) in Element RegExp to get parameters for template. In the template $1$,$2$,...,$9$ indicates the results of the corresponding matching parentheses in the regular expression pattern.
See examples: Demo 3 and Demo 4.

Sometimes, there is no obvious dependency between original and thumbnail (and its link), so we cannot create simple Destination URL Template but you can use JavaScript. See How To Create JavaScript Template.

Manage Existing Rules

You can manage existing rules from context menu or using shortcuts.

Add (Shortcut: INSERT) will add new rule.
Clone (Shortcut: Shift+INSERT) will add new rule from existing (currently selected).
Edit (Shortcut: F4) will edit selected rule.
Remove (Shortcut: DELETE) will remove selected rule or selected domain.
Move up will move up selected rule. Order is important, so, you can change it.
Move down will move down selected rule.

Import and Export Rules

You can import rules from local XML file by pressing Import button. Also you can import from website which use special links (see Integration). Imported rules will be merged with current rules and if you already have rule for particular domain and page then rule will be OVERWRITTEN!

Rules, which contains JavaScript and which were imported from internet, will be disabled by default. To Enable rule press Edit, see code and if you are sure in it then press OK.

To save all rules to local file in XML fromat press Export button.