How To Create JavaScript Template

JavaScript template must be in following format:

javascript:function(callback) { YOUR_CODE; callback(RESULT_URL); }

In your function you can use $1$,$2$,...,$9$, and $originalURL$ to get full URL. All parameters will be replaced with corresponding values before function eval. You should to add quotation marks yourself if you need it.

Example for Demo 3:
javascript:function(callback) { callback("$originalURL$".replace("th_", "")); }

Whole Rule:
Page RegExp:demo3
Elements To Find:IMG
Element RegExp:/th_.*\.jpg
Destination URL Template:javascript:function(callback) { callback("$originalURL$".replace("th_", "")); }

Add this rule.

JavaScript rules (which were imported from internet) will be disabled by default. To Enable rule press Edit, see code and if you are sure in it then press OK.